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Integrated System Testing

Ensure your software is up to par.

Today’s software applications and enterprise configurations can be extremely complex, often operating within multi-layer, multi-platform environments. At DIO-Soft our integrated system testing specialists work with you to ensure seamless and accurate integration of different data sources and business processes. To confirm your system is properly functioning, our knowledgeable quality assurance team works across a wide range of operating systems, platforms, applications and tools.

What is Integrated System Testing?

System testing is a process that exercises a software system's coexistence with others. Individual software modules are combined and tested as a group. It occurs after unit testing and before validation testing. Integration testing takes as its input modules that have been unit tested, groups them in larger aggregates, applies tests defined in an integration test plan to those aggregates, and delivers as its output the integrated system ready for system testing.

Why is it important?

The purpose of integration testing is to verify functionalities, performance and reliability requirements placed on major design items. Integrated System testing can find and fix bugs, ensuring the integrated environment will work as expected for the target user.


Features Benefits
  • Tests of multi-layer, multi-platform environments
  • More reliable solutions
  • Continuous integration
  • Ability to find bugs early in the development process
  • Regression testing
  • Automated process that can run as often as needed
  • Unit testing
  •  Predictable performance and known load limits


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