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Success Story: Mobile NAV Reporting.


Hedge Fund with $30B AUM

Business Challenge

The client needed to have its fund managers to be up to date on the fluctuations of the fund’s NAV regardless of their location or time of the day. It required that users of the system were able to configure rule based alerts so that each manager could personalize their experience and only receive notifications of the events that pertained to their trading activity. The app needed to maintain the highest level of security to guarantee that sensitive data does not get into the wrong hands.



The mobile NAV reporting system is an iPhone/iPad app which provides specific reports containing fund data for events that cause significant changes to net asset value of the fund. Users can configure rules that trigger notifications through mobile devices when certain parameters of the fund reach threshold values. This application provides four steps of authorization: User/Password Authentication, authorization with Security Group, verification of device ID, correlation of User Name and Device ID. All these measures ensure that data is safely delivered to the User. In addition no data is stored on the mobile device.


  • Corporate security standards implementation
  • Push notification based on user-defined events
  • Rich UI functionality
  • Client’s NAV calculations on the server side
  • iPad and iPhone support

Solutions Used

  • Turnkey development
  • Mobile application development
  • Application integration and customization
  • Integrated system testing

Technologies used

  • Java 7
  • Apache Tomcat
  • CocoaTouch

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