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Success Story: Software Re-Engineering.


World leading financial services provider

Business Challenge

Originally developed for storing and managing information pertaining to various investment products, our client’s system was becoming hard to operate and expensive to support. The primary obstacles of the system was exceeding number of duplicate instrument records and lack of flexibility to manage new complex market products. The DIO-soft team was asked to modify the obsolete security master management system and develop a system that could manage data more efficiently and consistently. We were also required to resolve performance issues resulting from uncontrolled access from multiple consumers of the data.



The DIO-Soft team developed a software re-engineering solution based on new progressive technologies, including Java. Rewriting it into Java while following proven practices, allowed us to update outdated functionalities, simplify the design and improve application maintenance. The team also implemented a universal caching service which decreased the workload of the database server. A unique point of access was created which allowed clients to view all investments products in one area. Developing a user-friendly experience, security levels were also taken into consideration throughout the software re-engineering process.


  • Migration to a new, more effective platform
  • Reduction of cost spent on system support
  • Integration of new solutions without unjustified expenses
  • Added reliability due to increased workload
  • User-friendly design
  • Quick, reliable access to the database
  • Ability to set and assign different user roles for added security

Solutions Used

  • Turnkey development
  • Platform migration and re-engineering
  • Maintenance and support of existing systems
  • Application integration and customization
  • Integrated system testing

Technologies used

  • Java
  • Swing
  • Spring
  • RMI
  • EJB
  • SQLServer
  • SyBase

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