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Success Story: Customer Loyalty Program Software.


Network of shopping and entertainment hubs

Business Challenge

With no consistent approach to client relationship management (CRM), each business had formed its own loyalty program. Lacking a common database, the network was unable to implement effective customer strategies that engaged shoppers.



The DIO-soft team designed customer loyalty program software that consolidated customer loyalty programs into one entity. Using a simple web application, the client is able to incorporate numerous marketing approaches under one loyalty policy. Offering a single database that is accessible to any authorized user, the client database contains all the necessary information about visitors and allows users to create and analyze consumer files in order to target offers and rewards. The system also allows users to create separate campaigns as well as joint ones. The new customer loyalty program software is extremely flexible with added functionalities that allow users to create and conduct various promotional campaigns including: personal discounts, purchase bonuses and gifts.



  • Improved customer loyalty program
  • Single tool with flexible features provides an efficient customer strategy
  • Automated gathering process of customer data
  • Increased cost savings due to better collaboration between stores

Solutions Used

  • Turnkey development
  • Platform migration and re-engineering
  • Maintenance and support of existing systems

Technologies used

  • .Net
  • MVC
  • Jquery
  • Restful Services

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