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Success Story: Custom Reconciliation Software.


World leading financial services provider

Business Challenge

Receiving daily stock market data from two independent sources in detailed reports, the client was unable to capture and create identical, reliable reports. Constant detection and removal of errors became a separate time consuming task for the client, so they looked to DIO-soft for an automated solution.



The DIO-soft team helped to create an advanced analytic reporting system with added business intelligence functionality, built on progressive Java framework. Enabling users to create a highly flexible and extendable tool, the new reconciliation software solution automated both stages of the reconciliation process while implementing a number of exceptional features.


  • Drastically reduced the time it took to complete the reconciliation process
  • Optimized performance through data analysis and archiving
  • High system capacity – up to 600 simultaneous users
  • Enhanced system flexibility due to usage of progressive framework
  • Fully customized, user-friendly UI for different groups

Solutions Used

  • Turnkey development
  • Platform migration and re-engineering
  • Maintenance and support of existing systems
  • Integrated system testing

Technologies used

  • Java 6
  • ActionScript 2,4
  • Flex
  • iBatis
  • Jasper Reporting Server
  • Custom Reporting Framework

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