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Success Story: financial compliance software.


International banking and financial services provider

Business Challenge

Operating in a strongly regulated investment arena, our client faced changing regulatory requirements on a daily basis. With requirements surrounding the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and Form PF, the client needed to apply new and complex regulatory reporting logic to their activities. Additionally, with the implementation of FAS 157, they wanted to provide clients with a report containing specific information regarding activities within their investment funds.
In order to perform these tasks, the client needed to build a dedicated reporting system that could handle a large amount of information.


Within the creation of the AIFMD reports, our team created ETL, data warehousing and reporting tools, enabling the generation of 50 automatic reports. Containing a user-friendly questionnaire, the reports help to collect all of the information outlined in the directive requirements.


  • Total automation has resulted in the reduction of time and labor consuming operations
  • Full compliance achieved surrounding complex requirements
  • Cost savings due to the usage of existing infrastructure

Solutions Used

  • Turnkey development
  • Platform migration and re-engineering
  • Application integration and customization
  • Integrated system testing

Technologies used

  • Java
  • J2EE
  • Jasper
  • SyBase IQ

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