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The BI Platform Migration Checklist: What to Keep in Mind When Making a Switch


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Your business intelligence platform may have started off as top-tier technology, but it can't keep up with your needs moving forward. Migrating from legacy software lets you harness the latest features, security and improvements in business intelligence technology. You empower your financial institution so it remains competitive and move away from legacy solutions that prevent you from maximizing your operational efficiency.

Before you switch BI platforms, you need to go through a checklist to address all BI platform migration considerations.

Benefits of Pre-Migration Prep

Pre-migration prep does add time to the migration and deployment process of your new BI solution, but ultimately you save time and money by going through this checklist. You go through all the main concerns and decisions before you start moving to a new platform, so you have a solid blueprint as you move forward. If you run into problems during the migration, you have a plan in place to make adjustments and adapt to the situation. You decrease the overall time you spend in the deployment process which helps with direct and indirect costs.

You already have a plan for the migration, so you don't have to add unexpected costs and a smooth deployment process helps you staff adapt to the new BI platform without significant downtime.

5 Considerations for a BI Platform Migration

There are many factors to keep in mind when preparing for a business intelligence migration, but these five considerations should be at the forefront of your plan.

1. New Platform Selection

Look at the challenges you face with your legacy BI solution and how new technology can help your business become more effective and productive. Go through a complete evaluation process with potential vendors before deciding on the right platform. Choosing the best option for your business at the start of the process avoids going through another migration during the post-deployment stage.

2. Migration Timeline

Establish a migration timeline before the process begins so you can compensate for less productive time, potential deployment problems and other unavoidable issues. You want to allocate enough time for the migration, so you aren't rushing to get the new system in place. Cutting corners may lead to a small speed increase during deployment, but it costs much more time after the system's in place.

3. Project Disruption

Connect with the departments, teams and key personnel who depend on the current BI platform. You don't want to switch over to a completely new platform in the middle of a major, multi-year project, so high levels of coordination are needed throughout the organization. You may need to run your legacy BI platform alongside the new platform after migration if you need to continue these projects at the same time.

4. Data Integrity

Your BI platform has a significant amount of data, but you may not need every last piece of it when you migrate. You need to examine what data needs to transfer, what can be discarded and the process for maintaining data integrity as it goes to the new system.

5. Available Technical Resources

Do you have the necessary technical staff and resources on hand to manage your migration in house? Is your infrastructure prepared for any hardware and software requirements necessary for running the new BI platform? Examine your available technical resources before your BI platform migration and prepare to bring in additional help as needed.

BI platform migrations require specialized skills and resources you may not have available in-house. A slow or failed business intelligence migration has a significant impact throughout your organization. Let DIO-soft bring their expertise to the table to help you migrate to a new BI platform. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and quote.